Kurulus Osman Episode 62

Kurulus Osman Episode 62 | Release Date and Synopsis

Episode 61 synopsis

In  Kurulus Osman Episode 62, Osman with his soldiers chased the tracks and found the hidden place of Togay. Togay commanded Camuha to devise a trap for Osman and he stayed there so that he moved closer. Boran informed that the soldiers of Mongolia were not present in the camp however, they were attacked by Camuha.  Camuha was also assaulted by Osman but he was rescued by Mongols. Nikola was happy about the death of Bamsi. Togay demanded more troops from him. Osman came back to the plain and went to the burial ceremony of Bamsi.

Beys were informed by Osman that togay did not follow the plan and send the information to Sultan. Zoe was proposed to work for Malhun and she agreed to it.  While Bala was not happy with these circumstances. A few moments later, lord Leo visited and informed that togay had demanded more soldiers and visited the castle often. When Osman communicated about a house present in Sogut with the traders then an in information came that Governer was revolted by Togay.

Although Helen was not agreed Nikola gave the troops to Togay on his demand. Moreover, he said that he would fight against Osman. The next day, All alps were taken by Osman and went to fight with Togay. Osman was about to attack by Togay, then Togay took out his all soldiers and asked him about his deception against Byzantine earlier.

Governor approached when Togay and Osman were fighting.  Togay was arrested by Governor and said he would get him to Sivas. Osman was told by Umur the plan the governor would utilize. On the road, Turhan was sent to a lodge by Osman. Later his soldiers rested in this lodge. Togay was taken out By Turhan from the lodge and get him in the jungle. Osman said that jr would take revenge for Bamsi and fight with Togay individually.



Kurulus Osman Episode 62 Release Date in Different Countries

06:00 PM Wednesday

9 June 2021

London,  UK


01:00 PM Wednesday

9 June 2021

New York, USA


10:00 PM Wednesday

9 June 2021

Lahore, Pakistan


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Kurulus Osman Episode 62 English Subtitles 👇

Kurlus Osman Episode 62 Urdu Subtitles,  Kurlus Osman Subtitles Episode 62, Watch and Download Kurlus Osman Episode 62 with Urdu Subtitles free, here we found the Episode 62 for our viewers to enjoy it for free.

Kurlus Osman  Episode 62 Urdu Subtitles 👇

Episode 62 will appear here with Urdu subtitles after release


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