Turkey Crystal Globe Award 2020

Turkey Crystal Globe Award 2020

Turkey Crystal Globe Award 2020

Crystal Globe Awards, one of Turkey’s prestigious awards ceremony found its owners on 22 January 2021. Held from November 15 to 30 in the online voting for the bests of Turkey results in many different areas was elected by the people.

The TV series Kurulus Osman was once again awarded by the audience. Oguz Kara (Ahmed Alp), who started to act in the TV series Kurulus Osman this season, received the “Best Child Actor of the Year” award. In the television series, Oguz Kara plays a child who lost his family in the war. Oguz later went to the Byzantine castle as a prisoner, but Osman Bey rescued him and other Turkish prisoners safely from the castle.

In addition, the famous actress Ozge Torer received the “Best Actress of the Year” award. Ozge Torer successfully portrays the character of Bala Hatun in the TV series Kurulus Osman. Bala Hatun is Osman Bey’s wife and the daughter of Sheikh Edebali. These are not the only awards that the Kurulus Osman television series has received. Aysen Gurer, known to the audience as “Helen”, received the “Best Debut Actress of the Year” award. Helen is a character who helps Osman’s biggest enemies in the series since the first episodes of Kurulus Osman such as Princess Sofia and Aya Nikola. Bala Hatun’s best friend Gonca finally got the award she deserved. Emel Dede, who played the character of Gonca Hatun, received the “Best Supporting Actress of the Year” award. After the last episode of Kurulus Osman, Gonca is about to marry Osman’s best Alp, Boran.

With these awards, Kurulus Osman received eight awards in total. Kurulus Osman received awards from different countries and Turkey so far. Kurulus Osman will receive more awards as it continues to air every Wednesday evening.



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